GoPro woos ex-Microsoft executive Tony Bates as new president

GoPro woos ex-Microsoft executive Tony Bates

Former Microsoft executive Tony Bates has been revealed at the new president of GoPro Inc. Bates had previously been in line to become CEO but was beaten to the position by Satya Nadella, and left the company in March. Now he will help lead the California-based camera making company that is favoured by extreme sports enthusiasts.

Bates find himself working under CEO Nicholas Woodman, and has also been added to the board along with Peter Gotcher, Dolby Laboratories Inc. Chairman. Woodman is excited about Bates' new role, saying: "I'm fired up to have two seasoned technology veterans like Tony and Peter join our team. As president of GoPro, Tony will focus on our core business as well as scaling GoPro's fast-growing media operations."

Having previously worked as Microsoft's Executive Vice President looking after Business Development, Strategy and Evangelism, as well as having served as the president of the Skype Division, Bates is experiences in communications and has experience on the board of YouTube to draw upon.

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