GoPro: Windows 10 Mobile app not likely to happen, as we would need to recreate our desktop program

In a response on GoPro's forum, GoPro answered a community member's question regarding whether a GoPro app on Windows 10 Mobile will likely ever surface, forum member markusg2672 asked a question regarding a possible update to the GoPro program that would allow it to run on Windows 10 Mobile:


I own the Hero Black 3 and the hero 4 session. The Hero 3 combines relatively quickly with my Smartphone, a Lumia 950 with Win 10 Mobile. The Hero 4 session need for the connection up to 2 minutes and the transmission is also very moved. Is the current app again to get an update? Thank´s for an info.




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GoPro response to a Windows 10 Mobile app

It appears that while GoPro already released a desktop app that "does support Windows 10," it is unlikely Windows 10 Mobile app will be made. According to forum moderator blakes, the reason that they don't have an app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile is because they are "two different operating systems." If they made an app for Windows 10 Mobile, they would have to start from scratch to create a new app for Windows 10 too.

Here's a look at the full post from the GoPro forums:

"Hey @stephenw10725,

I'm not sure that I can answer your questions to the detail that you are looking for, but I will do my best to explain!

I believe that the latest OS Microsoft released for mobile devices is Windows 10 Mobile. While it is similarly named to the desktop OS they offer, they are two different operating systems. We do offer a GoPro Desktop App that does support Windows 10, but this is not for the mobile version of the OS.

To facilitate your requests, we would not only need to create an entirely new version of the GoPro App for Windows 10 Mobile, but also one for the Windows 10 desktop OS. As this App isn't intended for use with desktops, this isn't likely to happen.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion regarding which Windows App is supported (desktop editing app), and what app has legacy support (the Windows 10 Mobile App).



While it is not posted in an official capacity, it is an official response from GoPro, it seems to be the consensus for other companies when asked if they would be releasing an app that works on Windows 10 Mobile. The answer seems to almost always be a stern 'no.'

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