GoPro doesn't support Windows 10 Mobile, but legacy support remains

In a move that’s sure to frustrate many, GoPro has officially confirmed that they will be ceasing support of their Windows phone app and will not be updating it for Windows 10 Mobile nor will they work on a new app for the operating system.

The news comes from a post in the official GoPro support forums where a frustrated user claims that he is unable to use his Windows phone with his GoPro camera after upgrading it to Windows 10 Mobile. Here’s the complete conversation from his chat with support:

( 3s ) Nathaniel: My name is Nathaniel. How can I help you?

( 1m 2s ) Visitor: I have a Hero4 black and i cannot connect to its wifi netwrok on my Windows 10 mobile device

( 1m 12s ) Visitor: i can connect to my camera from other devices..

( 1m 22s ) Nathaniel: I am really sorry that you've experienced this issue.

( 1m 29s ) Nathaniel: I'd be happy to clarify.

( 1m 30s ) Visitor: i also reset the wifi settings on the gopro to the default network name and password

( 2m 10s ) Nathaniel: Unfortunately the GoPro App is no longer compatible with Windows phones. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

( 2m 23s ) Nathaniel: Was there anything else, I could help you with today?

A GoPro forum moderator responded to the post and assured the user that they would work with him to get his camera connected but also stated that they, “definitely do offer legacy support for Windows phones,” but that they also will “no longer [be] adding updates and new features to the Windows platform.” The moderator then directs the readers to the app page on the GoPro site to confirm that currently only Android and iOS are supported and that the company isn’t even promoting the Windows phone GoPro app any more.

Just last month, we reported that Microsoft had added GoPro to its growing list of licensed IP partners but that it was unclear what the details in the agreement were. Guess it’s safe to say that GoPro wasn’t required to actually support Microsoft products or users.

Are you a GoPro user and will this affect your decision to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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