GoPro channel is now officially available on Xbox One

GoPro channel is now officially available on Xbox One

GoPro, the tiny mountable video cameras, have revolutionized our point of view on many things. We can now plunge down mountain sides with the best skiers and mountain bikers in the world, even ride the massive waves of Hawaii on the “virtual” surfboard. 

The videos from these tiny, easily mountable, devices litter YouTube, but you can now actually get them on  your Xbox One, bringing the action to the big screen. You can now witness all of the thrills, chills and spills right from your sofa. 

“GoPro on Xbox One gives Xbox Live members around the world access to epic action-adventure videos, including four exclusive videos you’ll see only on Xbox. The GoPro Channel also offers access to on-demand GoPro content, the ability to share videos and purchase cameras and equipment directly through the app channel”, states Microsoft’s Larry Hryb. 

To illustrate the awesome functionality of both the cameras and the channel, Hryb included a video with his announcement, this one involving the many daredevil stunts that can be captured with the devices, and giving a taste of what customers can expect on the new channel.

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