GoPro app receives an update for Windows Phone

GoPro App

The GoPro is the standard for action shot film making. It’s small, light, durable, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive, as far as waterproof mountable cameras go. One drawback is that in order to keep the camera small and simple it doesn’t have a built in full display.  You can purchase a display that is a great add on but another route to take is to use GoPro’s app to control your camera.

The app pairs to your GoPro using Wi-Fi and allows you to see what the camera is viewing, begin recording, take photos, and alter settings. The app also lets you share through various social media outlets.

The GoPro app for Windows Phone recently received an update. The change log is short but includes an improvement in one of the apps most important areas, pairing your GoPro to your phone.

  • Improves pairing process robustness
  • Restores missing Time Lapse Video icon in the mode selection menu
  • General bug fixes

The GoPro app is free and adds real function to the GoPro experience. The GoPro can be mounted to your head, chest, vehicle, selfie stick, and even your dog but it’s a bit of a guessing game to get your angles right. The app helps prevent you from getting a high quality video of your feet instead of the action.

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