Google's first video TV commercial for Google+ goes live -
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Google's first video TV commercial for Google+ goes live

During a football game Thursday in the United States, Google debuted its first video TV commercial for its social network, Google+. The advertisement demonstrates how Google+ is different than Facebook in many ways.

"Sharing, but like real life," is the message Google was trying to send with this TV commercial, that aired during the Lions vs Packers football game in the United States.

As Mashable reports, the advertisement focuses on how Google+ can organize your friends, family, acquaintances, and colleagues into different Circles and how you can meet them in Hangouts.

Google may be a late comer to the social networking arena, but it has made an impact thus-far. Google+ now has more than 10 million members since its launch on June 28. Social gaming, on the other hand, is the reason Facebook was able to achieve its stardom, so it is no surprise that Google+ would have a similar gaming feature too. Google+ introduced 16 games and plans on adding more in the near future.

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