Google’s Chromebook sells 500,000 units in 2 years, Surface RT sold that many in a few months

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Google Chromebook

All this talk about Microsoft’s Surface RT being a failure and lack of sales, we forget one thing. The Surface RT has sold more in just a few months than Google’s Chromebook sold in over two years. Ouch.

According to a report from Digitimes a few weeks ago, Google’s Chromebook saw a total sales of less than 500,000 units in nearly two years since the device’s launch. However, according to Google and Acer, the Chromebooks have seen “better than expected acceptance” of the device. In fact, the device only holds a 1% share in the notebook market since the device launched back in June of 2011.

But hey, I guess the Surface RT is a failure at selling over one million devices in just five months right? The Surface RT launched back in October 26 of 2012, while the Surface Pro launched in February 9th of this year. In total, Microsoft has sold just over 1.5 million Surface devices.

Can it be a marketing issue? Perhaps not. We have seen commercials hyping up both the Surface RT as well as Google’s Chromebook, but it is quite obvious that the Chromebook hasn’t been doing too well. After all, who wants a Chrome browser wrapped up in a nice little hardware package. Pricing perhaps? Actually, the Chromebook is nearly half the price of the Surface RT, so it can’t be that.

Regardless of the Chromebook’s fate, which we are not too concerned about considering this is a Windows oriented website, the Surface RT has done amazing in perspective. Having sold over a million units in just five months is amazing. Here’s to another million units sold!

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