Google working on an iTunes clone, again

Google is looking to launch a music store in the next several weeks, according to sources. This isn't the first time. Google has been working on this idea for over a year now. Google launched Music Beta a while back and it was limited, but now that could be changing very soon.

Google has been talking to labels and publishers about getting a download store going, yet again. This time, Google is working to get its iTunes clone in place before Apple's iTunes Match service launches later this month.

iTunes Match is a neat little service that doesn't necessarily upload your collection to the cloud, but scans and looks for matches instead. Costing $25 dollars a year, this service helps music labels earn money from music that people have already downloaded for free via other mediums.

Google is currently in talks with EMI, a group that distributes music from artists like Katy Perry, Pink Floyd, and Gorillaz, as well as Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group.

Google's music store would obviously be connected to Google's cloud music service and Google is also looking into the possibility of obtaining worldwide music rights. Not to be outdone, Apple has already looked into attaining such rights for the company's iCloud service.

Google originally had plans to present a music service with tons of features and capabilities but negotiations over licensing never went through. Maybe things will be different this time?

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