Google+ for Windows Phone 8 is a simple yet popular third-party Google+ app

Google+ arrives on Windows Phone 8, thanks to a third-party paid app

If you search the Windows Phone Store for a Google+ (also known as Google Plus) app, you will be disappointed. Not to fear, there is a new app available called "Google+" which has already received five-star ratings from several users.

"Google + for Windows Phone is a well-designed and beautiful app that puts the magic of Google+ at your fingertips," the app description states. There are two versions of the app available, one free and one paid, offering users the choice to have an app either with advertisements or without advertisements.

Upon first launch of the app, you are prompted to enter your Google+ login details. The app is exactly similar to the Google+ mobile website, so it appears that this app is simply app wrapper for the official mobile site, with the additions of a few shortcuts added to the app's menu. All the key features of Google+ are available within the app, as they would be on the mobile website. 

Either way, if you utilize Google's social network and are looking for an app for Windows Phone, give this app a try. We recommend grabbing the free app first and if you like it, purchase it! Try it out and let us know if you like it.

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