Google is using Microsoft’s TypeScript to build Angular 2, its open source mobile development platform


Last week, ng-conf, the conference for all things Angular, was held in Salt Lake City, Utah. There, several updates on the current state of Angular 2 were unveiled, as was the announcement by Microsoft’s Jonathan Turner that the new platform is being built using TypeScript.

Angular is one of the main platforms used by mobile developers to create their applications; it is an open source project that enjoys much popularity. Nonetheless, the news that Google will be working with Microsoft (if only at arms length) to achieve any end whatsoever is in itself highly surprising.

Mountain View has made its feelings on Microsoft clear for all to see, repeatedly. The most obvious manifestation of this can be seen in the company’s approach to Windows Phone, where it is represented by a sole search application.

In addition to this news, a preview of how Angular 2 will work in Visual Studio has been made available for users. Instructions on how to access this, and what new features will be added, can be found here.

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