Google touts battery life improvements in Chrome 53, uses Surface Book as testbed

Chrome just released its newest version of its browser software, creating a better experience for those who don't want to use Edge, Firefox, or any of the other browsers fighting for your attention these days. One of the more useful improvements made to the new version of Google's browser (dubbed Chrome 53) is the extension of battery life for Windows users, giving you the extra edge if you're taking your laptop out for a while. Below you'll see a video that the folks at Google put together to show off the battery life improvement and you might notice that they decided to use Microsoft's Surface Book as their test subject.

The new battery test may not mean much to the majority of people. It's made pretty clear in the video that "Individual results may vary," so the Surface Book isn't being lauded as the end-all be-all of Windows computing for most users. That being said, it's nice to see the device getting a little bit of love out there. Most attention put on the Surface line of products tends to go to the Surface Pro 4 and it's refreshing to see Google break out Microsoft's big guns to demonstrate Chrome 53's extra two hours of battery life. Hopefully, in future demonstrations, Google will consider using the Surface Book more often in testing.

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