Google to take legal action against YouTube MP3 ripping sites

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Google recently contacted and threatening them for “legal consequences”, for providing the service of a downloadable audio file from any given YouTube video. There are many websites which currently offer the service of downloading audio file from a YouTube video. and are some of those.

Google recently sent and legal notices of violation of YouTube’s API terms of service. The owners have been given seven days to take proper and required action. offers audio file downloads in a variety of formats from several different video websites, while YouTube-MP3 offers a more streamlined experience with MP3s only. These websites are very popular on the net and they have roughly 200 million global users using their service.

A copy of the letter, written by Associate Product Counsel of YouTube Harris Cohen and sent to Music-Clips, was shared with TorrentFreak. As expected, users are not happy with this move of Google as these websites allowed them to download the MP3 file of any desired video so that they can listen to them on their mobile phones and other devices.

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