Google reveals Google Chrome for Metro, try it yourself soon

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Jun 7th, 2012 inNews

Google is ready for users of the popular Google Chrome web browser to finally try out a brand new Metro version. According to Google, the browser will be available for users in the next dev channel release by setting the browser as your default one. So, are the days of IE10 already over?

Google has managed to Metrofy the UI of Chrome while still keeping it’s famous look, having tabs at the top of the screen with a simple unified address bar and settings button. In fact, the browser doesn’t look like it’s even changed that much! Users will be able to give this new Metro browser a try in the next development release of Chrome, set the browser as your default and you will be on your away.

This build of Chrome for Metro includes simple native Windows 8 integration, such as snap view and charms. Over the next few months Google plan on smoothing out the app and improving touch support.

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