Google offers to revamp its search results page to include links


Google has reached a draft agreement with the European Commission to quell any sort of “predatory behaviour’ against its competitors. The agreement calls for revamping Google’s search results to include prominent links to rival search engines, including Microsoft’s

On top of including links to rival search engines, Google has also proposed to make users aware when they are using Google’s own search services, to visible clarify that a user is using Google Search for restaurants, travel, finance, etc.

This proposal has yet to be approved by the European Commission but would allow Google to escape a fine for antitrust violations. The offer would be binding for five years if approved! Currently, this offer enters a “market test phase” in which those who filed a complaint against Google are asked for their feedback.

Recently, Microsoft-led Fairsearch Europe advocacy group had filed a complaint to the European antitrust officials claiming that Google is using Android as a means of building advantages for key Google apps in a deceptive manner. In other words, Google is giving its own apps (like YouTube and Gmail) preferences over alternatives.

The advocacy group even wants Google to be investigated for “mandating” that Android OEMs place Google apps on their home screens as part of a contractual obligation. By doing this, Google is using its Android operating system as a ‘Trojan Horse’ to deceive partners and make money.

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