Google Number One in Site Traffic, Microsoft in Second Place

According to statistics from ComScore, for the first time ever, a website drew one billion visitors worldwide in just one month. Guess what website came out on top? Google of course. Microsoft and Facebook rounded off the top three.

One billion people worldwide visited Google for the month of May, according to ComScore. The number of unique visitors to Google’s sites rose by 8.4% in just one year.

Google saw an increase in visitors from India and South Africa, which accounted for 14.3% and 13.5% of its visitors respectively. The lowest amount of visitors came from South Korea and China, which accounted for .7% and .8% respectively.

Microsoft came in second place with 905 million visitors for the month of May, which is up 15% from last year.

Facebook came in third place with 714 million visitors, which is up by 30% compared to last year. Google may have had the most users visit their sites, but Facebook had the most time spent on a website with 250 billion minutes for the month of May.

Yahoo is in fourth place with 689 million visitors, with a 10.8% gain from last year.

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