Google now verifying some Google+ accounts

Google's new social networking site Google+ has been a big hit with the internet, with over 20 million people joining the network within the first few months of it being live, it is the fastest growing social network to ever hit the web. Google has noticed many people creating fake celebrity accounts for personal use, Google is planning to eliminate these fake accounts by verifying the real accounts.

Google eliminating fake accounts is a plus for celebrities, it will minimize the threat of users making fake accounts and generally being rude with them. Google will be placing verification badges on accounts with the real user, it is currently being tested with celebrities and popular people on the network, Google is planning to begin using this across the whole network soon.

The verified accounts will have a grey check mark next to their name, this indicates that the account is legit and not a fake. Having this verification system will invite more popular users to start using the network, it should help expand the amount of users that are currently on the website.

If you still don't have a Google+ account, you can get an invitation from here. Once the invitation is sent, you'll have a brand new Google+ profile for you're personal use.

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