Google Now finally available in Chrome for Windows users

Google Now finally available to Windows users

After a long wait, Google Now cards have finally started rolling out to Chrome’s desktop client. Last month, the feature appeared on the beta version, and now it is hitting all versions, that includes Chrome for Mac and Chromebook.

The much touted feature, Google Now has been available on Android smartphones and iOS devices for a long while. Google Now, among many other things, lets you send voice commands to the browser and get done with several operations. You can simply trigger this feature by saying “Okay, Google” followed by your question or command. The other feature that comes bundled with it is the contextual information cards. These cards provide you information on the commute you’re taking, the game you’re following and shows you’re watching and so on.

Interestingly, this feature syncs with your phone. For example, when you make a command on your desktop browser, it automatically shows up on the phone as well. Google is planning to soon adapt this feature to smartwatches as well.

To enable this feature, you need to sign-in with the same account as on your smartphone. If you use Chrome but don’t see this feature on your browser yet, don’t worry, the feature may take some time to reach you.

Microsoft is also working on a voice assistance service. Known by the name of Cortana, the feature is expected to arrive on Windows Phone soon, but perhaps it will eventually find its way to Windows as well. We’ll jut have to wait and see.

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