Google names Microsoft as its main competitor, Facebook getting in the way too

Google has revealed that the search engine giant’s main competitor is Microsoft. On top of that, Facebook is beginning to irritate the search engine giant as well by nibbling at the company’s other ventures.

“Today we have one very clear competitor, which is Microsoft. We used to have two, with Yahoo, but Yahoo largely outsourced the search stuff to Microsoft. We have additional competition from different corners, so Facebook is a competitor for a bunch of properties and also for attention,” Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt admitted in an interview.

Schmidt admitted that Facebook is indeed becoming a threat to Google. Facebook has over 400 million members, and apparently half of those people access Facebook every day.

Schmidt also stated that there will be increased competition in the mobile market. “We’re more likely to face new competition — there’s lots coming — in these vertical applications that answer questions,” Schmidt stated. “People search differently on mobile phones — in the next year more searches will come off of mobile devices and page views than off PCs and macs — that’s a huge, huge change and provides a new competitive front for us.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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