Google and LinkedIn swapping property in Mountain View and Sunnyvale

With Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn, the Redmond company is picking up more than just a company, its products, and its employees. There’s also significant real estate to consider, and it looks like Microsoft’s involvement with Google has taken on a new form.

Specifically, Google and LinkedIn have reached an agreement to swap out a bit of land. In fact, it’s more than just a bit, as the Silicon Valley Business Journal reports:

Executives say the blockbuster property swap — involving 1 million square feet of existing buildings, including LinkedIn’s current headquarters, and 2.4 million square feet of future development capacity — benefits both sides: It will give Google control over critical puzzle pieces in North Bayshore, providing a path forward for the search giant’s futuristic vision there as LinkedIn departs the Google-heavy North Bayshore business district. At the same time, LinkedIn will gain property — elsewhere in Mountain View and in Sunnyvale — that allows it to build out a cohesive corporate campus years earlier than anticipated under previous plans for a costly planned mixed-use headquarters called Shoreline Commons.

The companies are making this a straight swap with no money involved. Rather, both Google and LinkedIn will be able to consolidate their campuses and presumably create a more cohesive environment for their respective employees.


Google LinkedInr real-estate details (Source: Silicon Valley Business Journal).

It’s good to see two competitors working together, even if it is only over a fair chunk of real estate. Now, we just wished Microsoft and Google could cooperate towards better support for Google properties on Windows 10.

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Do you wish Google and Microsoft could cooperate about more than just real estate?