Google Launches ‘Gmail Tap’, a new way to email via Morse code

It seems that Google has once again, changed the game when it comes to emailing on your mobile phone. Starting today, Android users can download Gmail Tap, which allows you to email your friends with just a dash and a dot!

Gmail Tap is a new piece of software from Google which aims to change the way you email your friends forever. How would you go about emails with just a dash and a dot?

Gmail Tap has removed all 26 keys on the on screen keyboard, and replaced it with a dash, and a dot. This enables you to email with Morse Code, it’s fantastic and works super fast.

Not only that, but Google has allowed you to email two people at once, with the new split screen functionality, you can dash and dot two people at once!

Check out the official video from Google below, and download Gmail Tap from here!

Also, April Fools!

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