Google jumps on board Patch Tuesday thanks to Adobe’s Flash Player and Microsoft

Just recently, Adobe struck a deal with Microsoft regarding Adobe’s Flash Player and Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, which would see security updates for Flash Player appear during the monthly Patch Tuesday. Now, thanks to Adobe, Google will be releasing security updates to its software every month on a Tuesday as well.

Adobe struck a partnership with Microsoft just recently, which basically means updates to Adobe’s Flash Player will now appear in Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday security updates. “Starting with the next Flash Player security update, we plan to release regularly-scheduled security updates for Flash Player on ‘Patch Tuesdays,'” Adobe stated in an official statement. Thanks to Adobe’s move, Google must release security updates for the company’s Chrome browser on the same day since Flash Player is integrated with Chrome, or else users will face a security risk if the browser is left unpatched. Chrome will automatically update itself everytime a patch is released by Google regardless if its on a Tuesday or not. However, if Adobe releases a Flash Player security update during Patch Tuesday, expect to see an update from Google as well on the same day.

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