Google Introduces Search by Image, Instant Pages

Google has introduced some cool new features for those who want to initiate a search using an image and enhancements to speed up websites that show up in search results.

During an event in Mountain View, Google talks about a few new features to its website. Users can use drag an image over to the Google search box, rather than typing in words, and search the net. This new feature will be built into Google Googles which allows you to take a picture using your mobile phone and subsequently conduct a search of the internet. Google plans on rolling out this new feature in 40 languages.

Google has also improved the way websites open up when doing a search. Sites will show up faster as Google will now pre-load the website as you search. This is compatible with the next version of Google's Chrome browser.

Google may be the most dominant search engine on the net, but it still has to compete with Microsoft's Bing, which has been introducing new features every few months.

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