Google introduces custom themes in Gmail

Gmail users have the option to use themes in for several years. But the choice of the theme was limited as you can only select themes which were released by Google. Now, Google is making available custom theme options in Gmail.

Google is planning to add a new feature in Gmail. Now Gmail users will soon be able to put in their own background images and can use it as a custom theme. This is a feature that millions of Gmail user will welcome. Soon, you will be able to put the image of your favourite actor or actress in the background of your Gmail account. You can upload your own images directly, select from your Google+ photos, or simply paste any image URL. Or, if you don’t have a particular image in mind, you can browse our searchable Featured Photos section to find one that speaks to you. This feature will help in customizing your inbox according to the way you want. Now your mail box will look more personal than ever before. Google has introduced use of custom background image on your google homepage years back and now they are introducing it to Gmail.

The video below explains how custom themes can be put into action in Gmail:

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