Google: Google+ hits 90 million users, Chrome ‘on fire’

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Google has revealed its fourth quarter results for 2011 and there were some interesting facts thrown around. Not only did Google earn $10.58 billion in revenue, but the company also saw an increase in Google+ users and Android devices.

As Forbes reports, Google CEO Larry Page was “very happy” with the fourth quarter results that brought the search engine giant $10.58 billion dollars in revenue. On top of that, Google+ saw an increase in users doubling the previous quarter and pushing the number to 90 million. During the conference call, Google mentions that the company has shut down 12 product lines, including Buzz. On top of that, there are now 250 million Android devices in the world and obviously this statistics refers to activated devices. Compared to the previous quarter, there were 50 million more Android devices. The Android Market even saw 11 billion downloads in the fourth quarter. And lets not forget about Google Chrome. The popular browser is “on fire” according to Google. Even Google Apps is “doing great too.”

It is no surprise that Google was able to rake in such a large amount of money in just one quarter. For those that don’t know, Google recently topped Fortune’s list of the top places to work. The investors, apparently, are not pleased but Google is. Google has high hopes for 2012 and from what they say, it promises to be “a fantastic year.”

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