Google Drive to launch in one week, will have 5GB of free storage?

Email @ronwinbeta Apr 16th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Looks like we finally got a definite date for the release of Google Drive. According to a new report, Google Drive will go live in one week and will feature 5GB of free storage. Dropbox should expect some feisty competition now.

Google Drive will start off with 5GB of free storage and users can purchase more space. On top of that, Google Drive will work in “desktop folders” on both the Windows and Mac operating systems. It is still unclear exactly how this will work. Reports are suggesting that May 24th or May 25th will be the laucnh date and the service could be available at Dropbox currently gives away 2GB of free storage with the potential of adding more space via upgrades and incentives. Could this be the fierce competition for online space we have been looking for? It can only mean good business!

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