Google Cloud Platform increases Windows support, adds Windows Server 2008 R2, more

Email Twitter: @DaveWShanahan Dec 9th, 2014 inNews

Google Cloud Platform increases Windows support, adds Windows Server 2008 R2, more

Google Cloud Platform has just increased its support of Windows-based workloads and devices, citing customers’ concerns and requests to use their Windows-based information and devices on the Google Cloud Platform. Google also announced that in addition to Windows support, Google would also be adding three other enhancements to Google Compute Engine for customers to be able to run Windows-based workloads at scale. It is a good move for Google, as they will be able to attract more business customers.

The first enhancement that Google Cloud Platform will offer its Windows users is Microsoft License Mobility. This enables their customers to move their existing Microsoft server application software licenses, such as Sharepoint, to the Google Cloud Platform without any additional Microsoft licensing fees. Secondly, Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition is available to all Google Cloud Platform customers in beta on Google Compute Engine. Lastly, customers using the Chrome browser can create remote desktop sessions for use with Windows using the Google Compute Engine without the need for additional software. 

Google appears to be looking beyond its main advertising business to attract more customers to its emerging Google Cloud Platform features. Attracting more Windows business users may help Google Cloud Platform expand beyond its current capacity. Ultimately, it’s hard to say who will benefit more from this partnership, but it can only help Microsoft retain customers even if they choose to use Google’s Cloud Platform.

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