Google Chrome’s newest feature, “Journey” lets you search your history in a new way

Kevin Okemwa

Google Chrome

Google Chrome recently made a debut of a new feature called Journey. The new feature helps users navigate and keep track of their search history, allowing the users to pick up their search history where they left it off even after a couple of days pass by. (via Search Engine Land)

All you need to do to put this feature into full use is to simply type the topic you are interested in on your search bar and then click on the Resume your research option. Alternatively, you can navigate to History and click on Show Full History. Then, on the search bar search for any topic, a list of topics revolving around the said topic will then appear. This will then make it easier for you to filter through the results and source the information you require.

The number of times you interact with a website also plays a crucial role, thus, affecting the results displayed. However, using the Journey is optional, which will restrict you to the conventional Google Chrome History.

Importantly, you’re in control of your Journeys experience. For example: you can turn off Journeys at any time, and as always, you can easily clear your browsing history right from your Chrome settings, or by typing “clear browsing data” into the address bar. If you’d like, you can also clear history that’s related to a particular journey vs. your history overall, said Yana Yushkina, Google Chrome’s Product Manager.

It is also worth noting that the feature is limited to a device and does not support use across multiple devices.  In the announcement, Google said that the feature will be available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish.

While this is an impressive feat by Google, we will have to wait and see how users interact with Journey and the impact it has when it comes to the execution of tasks, and when, or if, a similar feature shows up on Microsofts Edge.