Google Chrome set to overtake Firefox by end of 2011

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Looks like Google’s internet browser, Chrome, is rising in popularity. According to recent statistics, Google Chrome is expected to overcome Mozilla Firefox’s place as the second most popular browser, right behind Internet Explorer.

More and more users are defecting from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome, which has been in the browser market for three years now.

According to statistics from StatCounter, Google Chrome is expected to bypass Mozilla Firefox by the end of this year. This accomplishment can be attributed to Google’s aggressive advertising for Chrome’s speed and reliability.

Google Chrome began with a 15% market share at the beginning of this year and has risen to 23.6% as of September. Microsoft’s market share has dropped from 46% to 42% within the same time period. Mozilla, on the other hand, dropped about 5% within the same time period. What about Apple’s Safari and Opera? Well, they experienced very little growth.

Google Chrome set to overtake Firefox by end of 2011 - - October 1, 2011

One can attribute Google Chrome’s success to the company’s rapid release cycle. Google’s six week turnaround on new versions has helped the search engine giant gain fans. Automatic updating as also helped the browser appeal to those who lack technical skills with computers.

StatCounter beleives, based on the statistics at hand, that Google Chrome will overtake Firefox sometime next year, thanks to the rapid adoption of the browser. StatCounter also sees Internet Explorer dropping in market share.

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