Google Calendar finally displays Microsoft Outlook organizers in attendee list

Devesh Beri

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As announced by Google on its Workspace Updates blog, Google Calendar has made a notable update in its integration with Microsoft Outlook. Previously, users who organized meetings in Microsoft Outlook would find their display names missing from the list of meeting attendees when viewed in Google Calendar. However, this inconvenience has been addressed with the latest change.

A modification has been implemented to ensure that the names of Microsoft Outlook organizers are now correctly listed alongside other meeting attendees in Google Calendar. This enhancement aims to provide a more seamless and accurate representation of meeting participants.

Microsoft seems to be addressing many calendar issues lately, enabling real-time calendar sync for Outlook and Microsoft Teams.

Users will not need to take any specific actions, as the update will be automatically applied to all Google Workspace customers and personal Google Account users. This integration improvement showcases Google’s commitment to refining cross-platform compatibility in its suite of productivity tools.

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The rollout of this feature began on August 24, 2023. The update will be gradually rolled out to all accounts, so reaching everyone may take some time. However, this feature is accessible to all tiers of Google Workspace and personal Gmail accounts. It will be deployed across Rapid Release and Scheduled Release domains over 15 days.

This update seems to be a step forward in enhancing the functionality of widely-used productivity tools, benefiting users who regularly navigate between Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar for their scheduling needs.