Google and Facebook come out on top as most visited sites in 2011

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Dec 29th, 2011 inNews

According to the research firm Nielsen, Google was the “most visited US web brand” while Facebook was the number one in “Top US Social Networks and Blogs.” Surprisingly, Google may have been the number one visited site, but its Google+ social networking site was ranked below Myspace.

“Google may have been the most visited Web brand in the country, but its social networking site, Google+, ranked down below MySpace, the battered veteran of such sites, which has been decimated largely by those who left for Facebook-land,” the new data revealed today.

Facebook is still the number one social networking site and also came in second as the most visited US Web brand, with Google coming in first.

Google came in first as its YouTube brand came in first in the “Top 10 US Online Destinations for Video” category. VEVO came in second and Facebook came in third.

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