Google+ to allow nicknames

Google+ will allow users to choose and create nicknames for their accounts later this week, similar to what can be done on Facebook. Though, during the launch of Google+, the company stated that nicknames “weren’t allowed.”

The Inquirer, has opened up about how Google has “started letting Google+ users use nicknames and pseudonyms.” This is similar to what Facebook allows people to do. Google initially stated that it would “not allow nicknames.”

Nicknames would be good for anyone that “goes by the alternative names, like celebrities, and people that like to come across as funny.” Not only is this beneficial to those who use their nicknames, but it is also beneficial to Google too. Google has stated that “almost two-thirds of [Google+] failures are down to people that want to use their nicknames, and another 20 percent want to use a pseudonym or another unconventional name.” People may not be (according to Bradley Horowitz, a Google employee) wanting to sign up because they can’t use their “desired moniker.”

The new “feature” will be avaliable to those (as early as later this week) when Google brings it out. Whether it be “nicknames, maiden names, or names in another script- alongside your common name,” as being a part of you, it will be part of your Google+ account.

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