Google Accuses Microsoft of Revealing “Confidential” Source Code

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After going at it over patent disputes recently, Google is now accusing Microsoft in court that Microsoft revealed its proprietary source code in the Android operating system. The odd thing is, isn’t Google’s Android operating system “free to modify and use?”

Google Accuses Microsoft of Revealing "Confidential" Source Code - - August 11, 2011

Microsoft continues to state that Google’s Android operating system infringes on some of Microsoft’s patents. This court case between Motorola and Microsoft, which is being held at an International Trade Court, is an attempt to extract licensing fees for every Android device that Motorola sells.

Now this is where Google comes in. Google is now making an allegation against Microsoft in an International Trade Court case between Microsoft and Motorola. From what Google says, Microsoft obtained via subpoena some “highly confidential source code.” As a result, Microsoft turned over the source code to an expert witness, and Google is upset that this violated the judge’s orders.

Now, the source code may not be for Android itself, but the irony here is that Google claims to be open about its software, yet they are making a big deal over this.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft and Google have squared off. Google and Microsoft have been going at it the past week over patent disputes. Google recently shot back at Microsoft and revealed that Google had turned down the opportunity to partner up with Microsoft in bidding for patents. Google even went as far as saying that Microsoft has initiated a “hostile, organized campaign against Android.”

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