GOG.com is gearing up for Windows 10, working to ensure Day 1 game compatibility

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Gog. Com is gearing up for windows 10, working to ensure day 1 game compatibility

GOG.com, the popular game and film distribution service, has released the news that they are hard at work in preparation for the Windows 10 launch.  Thankfully, it sounds like things are going very well, with Day 1 compatibility expected for most games.  For people who don’t like digital rights management (DRM) or simply want to avoid the wallet-draining Steam sales, GOG.com is a viable alternative.

So far, things are looking great. We're encountering very few problems and most of those are either resolvable on our end, or likely to get fixed as Windows 10 nears release. In fact, many games that had issues on operating systems newer than Windows XP once again won’t suffer any hiccups on Windows 10. The OS is still a work in progress, so while anything can happen until the release date we're confident for the future. This is the smoothest transition to a brand new system that we've ever worked on.

It is, of course, in the interests of GOG.com to stay current, especially considering Windows 10 will likely be quite popular.  Still, it’s refreshing to see such commitment – excitement, even – from a company.  July 29th is just around the corner.  What games are you planning on playing on your Windows 10 machine?

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