Go behind closed doors and watch Panos Panay talk more about Surface Duo in this product brief

Arif Bacchus

Panos Panay Surface Duo Brief (custom)

On Tuesday, August 11, Microsoft held a press-only product brief for the Surface Duo dual-screen smartphone. The company then eventually followed up to publicly announce the official launch date of the Duo the following day on August 12.

Microsoft has just published that product briefing on the Surface YouTube page, offering Surface fans a closed-door peek at what was shared with the media before the public announcement.

In the roughly 35-minute long video, Surface chief Panos Panay talks about how and why the Surface Duo was built, and more about his vision for the much-anticipated product. We also get a peek at the design and engineering of the Duo, as well as some in-depth demos of how the Duo’s dual-screens work in productivity and casual scenarios.

More importantly, we hear from Shilpa Ranganathan, who is the Corporate Vice President, Mobile & Cross-device Experiences at Microsoft. She talks about how the Duo can enhance productivity and the core Microsoft 365 apps on Android. The executive even dives deeper about the phone plugs in with Windows 10. She demos how it perfectly works with the Your Phone app, showing users will be able to mirror and access the Duo’s two screens through the Windows 10 app (complete with support for auto-rotate.) The video then ends with a technical segment about the design and engineering that went into the Duo.

Do you think that you’ll buy a Surface Duo after hearing Panos Panay talk a bit more about it? Give the video a watch and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.