Gmail adds OAuth for Microsoft and Yahoo accounts

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Gmail adds OAuth for Microsoft and Yahoo accounts

Google announced that to improve security for third party accounts on its Gmail app for Android, Gmail will now support Oauth for all Microsoft and Yahoo accounts.

Oauth is an open standard commonly employed as a way for users to log into third party website using Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Twitter login credentials without actually sharing those credentials with the third party websites. So now with support for Oauth, Microsoft and Yahoo users who integrate their accounts with a Gmail inbox will no longer have to fork over their account info to Gmail as it will be done through Oauth, keeping your credentials distinctly separate and out of the Mountain View company's hands.

Google made the announcement on Gmail's Google+ pages, saying Oauth will add another layer of protection for Gmail users and enable features like two step verification and account recovery.

"We’re always working to make your Gmail app experience safer, which is why today Gmail is gaining Oauth support for all Yahoo and Microsoft accounts. Oauth adds an extra layer of protection and allows you to take advantage of security features like two-step verification and account recovery."

Gmail users should notice the update the next time they add an email account to their Android Gmail app in the next few days.

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