Glossy white Xbox 360 and Kinect included in special family bundle

Microsoft has released a special family entertainment bundle that includes a glossy white Xbox 360, a glossy white Kinect sensor, as well as a white controller and two games. Available in the US, this bundle will be available in Europe in the coming months.

Glossy white xbox 360 and kinect included in special family bundle - onmsft. Com - march 2, 2012

According to a report by Major Nelson, Microsoft has announced the Xbox 360 Special Edition 4GB Kinect Family Bundle, which includes a glossy white Xbox 360 4GB console. The bundle will also include a glossy white Kinect, and a white Xbox 360 controller. Two games will be included with the bundle including Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures, as well as a three month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold. All this for $299.

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