Glide releases new video chat messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone, for most of its lifetime has been plagued with the lack of trendy apps that dominate other app stores. That is not to say there are no supporters of the platform among Silicon Valley’s upstarts however: Slack has a Windows Phone app, and just recently, a more consumer-focused service, Glide, announced a Windows 10 Mobile version of its namesake video messenger app. The news has now been officially promoted through Microsoft’s Firehose blog.

The new app is a Windows-10 upgrade for Glide’s earlier Windows Phone app that launched just recently. Glide debuted on Spring 2013 and has gone on to become a popular free video messaging services. Glide allows users to ‘ping-pong’ video messages (filters supported) of up to five minutes in length, and view videos right in the moment or at a later time. Taking it a step further than Snapchat’s concept, Glide also gives you the ability to manually unsend and delete any content from anywhere it is published. The app’s entry on the Windows Store is exclusively for Windows 10 Mobile, and not a Universal Windows App.


Glide app

The app’s appearance on the Windows Store is part of Glide’s partnership with Microsoft. Glide’s CEO Ari Roisman cited Microsoft’s recent change in “leadership and strategic initiatives” as a reason for the cooperation. On Redmond’s side, the fact that Glide for Windows 10 Mobile is a native app was stressed by Microsoft Israel’s Developer Experience and Evangelism Lead, Ruthy Kaidar. Microsoft’s promotional post for the app on its own Firehose blog only adds to the significance of Glide for Windows 10 Mobile, for which a video messaging app has long been a pain point, especially Snapchat’s cold rejection of the platform.

Microsoft has been trying hard to court developers for its mobile platform. Partnerships like these paints a positive outlook, and also go to show that among the many things Microsoft can do to attract developers, the best might just be working continuously towards changing its image.

Glide - Video Chat Messenger
Glide - Video Chat Messenger
Developer: Glide Talk Ltd
Price: Free
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