Glassdoor: Google beats out Microsoft and Apple as the employee-ranked best place to work

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Glassdoor: Google beats out Microsoft and Apple as the employee-ranked best place to work

Glassdoor has announced their sixth annual Employees' Choice Awards, honoring the 50 Best Places to Work, based on entries from employees. This time around, Microsoft and Apple did not make the top-50 list. Google, on the other hand, held the eight place spot on the list.

Twitter came in second place, with one employee stating, "You are surrounded by smart, hard-working people who genuinely care about the company." Facebook came in fifth place, while Google came in eight place. "Good company, management lets you do your work, very flexible," one current employee at Google stated. Microsoft and Apple did not make the list.

Now, this doesn't mean Microsoft or Apple are bad places to work at. In fact, both companies have received a plethora of positive reviews on their Glassdoor page and reviews can be from employees wishing to remain anonymous. "Great technology, good pay, among the best health benefits, and very smart co-workers. I worked for Microsoft in its heyday and it will be the greatest company I've ever worked for," one former employee stated.

"What do you want in a job? Do you want more than a paycheck? At Microsoft, you can discover potential you didn’t know you had, push your limits, turn your ideas into reality and make a real impact on the industry and the world. Just imagine what you could create," Microsoft's description states on the Glassdoor website. You can even take a look at Microsoft's recruitment video below.

You can check out both Google and Microsoft's page at to take a look at the salary, benefits, and employee reviews.

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