Glance Background for Windows Phone won't receive any future updates

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Glance Screen

Glance screen is an excellent feature which shows the time, as well as useful notifications when the phone is on standby. Last year, Nokia released an app for Windows phone devices which allowed users to use custom backgrounds on the glance screen.

Recently, Nokia announced that they have concluded the beta, and will no longer provide any update for the app. It's worth mentioning the app didn't receive any update since its launch. However, the app will still be available in the Windows Phone Store for users to download.

"We want to thank all of you that have used Glance Background Beta and sent us feedback during this beta trial. It has clearly been a popular feature. Although we aren’t expecting to update this specific beta app any further, we continue to explore ways to improve glance screen capabilities in general," says Nokia beta labs.

What do you think about this decision from Nokia? Let's hope Microsoft will introduce a better way to make use of this feature, but until then, keep using Glance Backgrounds, it's not going anywhere.

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