Giveaway: RetroUI Pro, brings back the Start button and window controls in Windows 8

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Are you sick and tired of not having the Start button on Windows 8? Are you tired of not being able to use the old-school min/max/close buttons on Metro apps? Well, if you want these features back because you miss them or because you want it as a compliment to Windows 8, this is your chance. We are giving away 5 licenses to RetroUI Pro, a tool that gives you the Start button and window controls in Metro apps.

Giveaway: RetroUI Pro, brings back the Start button and window controls in Windows 8 - - December 3, 2012

So what exactly is RetroUI Pro? Well, for starters, it a program that runs for roughly 5$ per PC and allows you to have a start button and start menu that does more than what Windows 7 could do. You can even toggle to the task switcher. This is pretty much a cool way to have a Start button/menu. RetroUI Pro also allows users to avoid running the Start Screen and Metro apps in full-screen mode. In other words, users will now have the ability to resize the window in Metro apps, so you can have it just the way you want it. Users can even close a Metro app by simply clicking the red close button that everyone knows and loves from previous versions of Windows. RetroUI Pro even has the ability to disable hotspots/hotcorners in Windows 8. Users can even boot directly to the desktop rather than the Start Screen. “RetroUI Pro is an enhancement for Windows 8 that makes Windows 8 easier and more fun by bridging the gap between the new Start screen features and what people are used to from prior versions of Windows. RetroUI brings a Start menu to Windows 8 that is fun and easy to use. RetroUI is the only solution which makes it possible for you to run Windows 8 Apps in resizable windows and also lets users access the Taskbar and Start menu from the new Windows 8 Start Screen,” the app description reads.

Giveaway: RetroUI Pro, brings back the Start button and window controls in Windows 8 - - December 3, 2012

We tested RetroUI Pro ourselves and found it to be really useful. One gripe we had was that the taskbar icons for RetroUI were larger than what we would like, especially when you have set taskbar icons to be small. (Update: the app designer heard our request and within one day, a new build was released correcting this issue. RetroUI Pro now supports small taskbar buttons.) This app also needs the ability to change its settings with ease, and even make it theme-able. But on the positive side, RetroUI is actively updated and new versions are released pretty frequently. Aside from the button sizes, the app itself is pretty useful. You can access all your apps, the Start Screen, Charms bar, run, all apps, control panel, settings, and even shut down your computer with the click of a button. Overall, a great app to use on Windows 8, to make things a bit more familiar for those who have been long-time Windows users. Enter the giveaway below and download the 7 day trial version while you are at it! When you win, you can simply add your license to activate it to the full version.

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Five winners will be chosen by December 10th and this post will be updated with the names of the winners. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Good luck to all!

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