Giveaway: Auslogics File Recovery 3, recover accidentally deleted files

Remember that time when you accidentally deleted an important file or school paper? Well, the folks over at Auslogics have come up with a neat solution to help you recover those files with ease. And best of all, we are giving away 2 license codes to their latest recovery program.

So what exactly does Auslogics File Recovery do? Well, as the title of the program suggests, its a neat little tool that allows you to recover lost files. File Recovery 3, the latest version of the product, allows you to recover documents, music, photos, videos, and other files with ease.

Lets go over some of the neat features this program has.

  • Deep Scan. File Recovery 3 can even recover files after the user has performed a quick format of the hard disk.
  • Files Preview. Users can preview the files while browsing though the list of discovered files so the user can pick exactly what they want to recover.
  • Search Filtering. File Recovery 3 allows the user to find exactly what they are looking for in a quick and easy way using a comprehensive set of search filters.
  • Secure Deletion. The program also allows users to shred files and wipe free disk space so that certain data becomes unrecoverable. Pretty cool feature for those who work for the FBI or for those who want their wives knowing what they were doing (just kidding).
  • Drive Imaging. Users can also copy all information from a hard disk into a single image file to prevent data loss in the future.
  • Recycle Bin Integration. File Recovery 3 is also integrated with your recycle bin so it can scan your bin during your search.

Wait! That’s fine and dandy but I accidentally deleted an important picture from my digital camera, can this program recover that picture? Yes it can. File Recovery 3 will recover any recently deleted picture or movie from your digital camera, as well as flash memory and USB devices. Unfortunately, you cannot recover from a CD or DVD.

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Two winners will be chosen by November 18th and will receive a private message informing them of their win. Good luck to all!

(UPDATE Nov 18th 0941hrs) Congrats to ecvogel and Stephen Rimington for winning! Until next time!

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