Giveaway: 3 months of Xbox Live Gold from OnMSFT

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As you may already know, I attended the Microsoft First League event in Warsaw and to celebrate the start of the enthusiast-focused program, OnMSFT in now organizing a giveaway which anyone with a Twitter account can enter.

We are giving away a code for 3 months of Xbox Live Gold which works on both the Xbox One and the older model, the Xbox 360. All you have to do in order to enter the giveaway is to sign up in the form below, which will then ask you to follow my personal twitter as well as OnMSFT’s.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

By following those two Twitter profiles you will easily be able to find the latest news about Microsoft and it’s partners right on your Twitter feed, as well as get notified about my future articles a while before they are written as I often share my experiences on the service before making a detailed article here.

The giveaway has no extra points where you can optionally do something for an extra chance of winning. Everyone that enters have the same chances as everyone else with no annoying “notify your friends” requests.

OnMSFT and I wish everyone good luck and remember that there is always a winner, so don’t let your hopes down.

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