Give your Windows Phone photos a festive look with Christmas Cam

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Give your Windows Phone photos a festive look with Christmas Cam

Christmas is a time for getting together with friends and family, eating and drinking to the point of explosion, exchanging gifts, and taking endless photos. If you’ve ever felt that your Christmas photo of the past have just not been, well, Christmassy enough, grab yourself a copy of Christmas Cam and your Yule woes will be fixed in a flash.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name and the introductory, this is an app concerned with taking photos — but not just any old photos. Whatever happens to be the subject of your snaps, be it your partner pet, the landscape or something else entirely, you can festive things up by adding seasonal items.

That shot of the garden looking a little dull? Drop in a snowman! Grandpa looking a little unhappy after overindulging? Pop a Santa hat on his head! Props can be moved around your photos as required and the resulting shots can be stored locally or shared through 6tag or other online services.

There are a number of props included with the free version of the app, but there are even more available to buy as in-app purchases. This may not be the most mind-blowing app to hit the Windows Phone Store, but it’s a great bit of fun!

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