Give up 100 Bing Rewards credits for 100GB of OneDrive storage for a year

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Give up 100 Bing Rewards credits for 100GB of OneDrive storage for a year

Microsoft recently unveiled OneDrive, a new brand name for SkyDrive, and the company has been dishing out free space to those who are eligible to snag it. For those of you who utilize Bing Rewards, Microsoft has an offer for you!

"Today, Bing and OneDrive are offering 100 GB of OneDrive storage to all new and existing members of Bing rewards for just 100 credits. This level of storage is a $50 value, and is available for redemption at the Bing rewards website. The storage is valid for one year from redemption and must be redeemed by June 30, 2014," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

For those who are not familiar with Bing Rewards, let me clarify a few things. If you utilize the Bing search engine, you likely have earned credits. If you are signed into, you will see your available credits near your username on the top-right of the screen. All you have to do is give up 100 credits for 100GB of OneDrive storage, which lasts for one year.

"Bing Rewards was designed to help you discover ways Bing can help you do the things that are most important to you. Just like a frequent flyer program, you can earn credits by searching the web every day with Bing and then redeem them for great rewards including gift cards from top brands or donate your credits to a local school or charity of your choice. All you have to do is stay signed-in and keep searching with Bing," Microsoft explained in an official blog post.

If you haven't signed up for Bing Rewards, head over here to get started.  Otherwise, head over here to claim your 100GB of storage!

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