GigJam Preview gains support for interaction styles and content types

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Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Ambient Computing and Robotics division Vijay Mital has taken time out today to explain the new GigJam update that’s bringing in new support for interaction styles and content types. Specifically, customers using GigJam to share concentrated pieces of work across their network to both employees and partner’s insides and outside the secure walls of their company can look forward to new features in the GigJam Preview that include content expiration times and reductive options.

GigJam expands support for interaction styles and content types

First, we added the ability to share slices of images, documents and live line-of-business information with people who aren’t online at the time of sending and expire that information in 24 hours. Second, we added the ability to redact arbitrary content from images, PDFs or slides, ensuring that an object in a picture, a text block or a particular bullet doesn’t even go over to the recipient.

Imagine you need to get input from a new supplier on part of a proposal, but they are in an all-day meeting. With GigJam, just summon the proposal and the opportunity information from your CRM system, redact the budget details they don’t need to see, and send it over to “view for 24 hours.” The recipient can come back later to review and annotate the information. Of course, if you both happen to be online together, you can let them edit the record directly on your behalf.”

Mital continues to offer some poignant examples for customers interested in the new updates to the GigJam preview that include receiving confidential information from peers at other firms and using GigJam to share sensitive information expertly.

Anyone interested in trying out the new features today can head over to the GigJam website or the iOS App Store. For anyone who is already a GigJam users, Microsoft is encouraging a visit to the GigJam UserVoice community page to offer feedback ad suggestions based on experience.

Let us know in the comments below, what software or service you or your company uses to handle sensitive data back and forth during business.

Gigjam preview gains support for interaction styles and content types - onmsft. Com - september 19, 2016
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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