Gigantic comes out of beta with full launch on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam

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Gigantic has been in beta for years now, giving its users one of the more unique MOBA-esque experiences out on the market. Putting players in a dynamic third-person action battlefield with a number of objectives and characters to choose from, it’s managed to capture some of the things that make games like SMITE, League of Legends, and Heroes of the Storm so great. For those who never got into the game during its beta, there’s finally a full launch to enjoy.

Gigantic is one of the first competitive online games to be funded by Microsoft directly, and its success could drastically influence the future of Microsoft Studios in the gaming market, changing the direction they take going forward. If you want to help the game succeed, or are just curious about it, you can play it right now on Xbox One or Windows 10 for free. It’ll be supported post-launch, hoping to hold onto a community of dedicated people.

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