Gigantic announces new partnership with Perfect World Entertainment

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Motiga, the studio behind the free-to-play MOBA Gigantic, has announced a new partnership that will benefit Windows users for some time to come. Chris Chung of the Gigantic development team reached out via the company’s blog announcing a new partnership with Perfect World Entertainment that will help accelerate opportunities for Gigantic while also ensuring version support for Windows.

This partnership is a huge step for Motiga, as it allows us to continue working towards realizing the vision the development team had for Gigantic – a great competitive online game. Even more so, it accelerates opportunities for Gigantic by having more resources available to us. One of the biggest is being worked on already: an opportunity to bring Gigantic to as many versions of Windows as possible. That’s right; we’re developing a version of the game that will be playable on every 64-bit Windows operating system. This version will be made available through Perfect World’s Arc games platform, which is available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Furthermore, the 64-bit version of Gigantic will be released on the same day as the Xbox One and Windows 10 App Store versions. This will help us introduce Gigantic to a larger audience much quicker than we originally anticipated!”

Before today’s announcement, Gigantic had only been planned for support on Microsoft’s Xbox One console and PCs running Windows 10. Thanks to the newly developed partnership with Perfect World Entertainment, Gigantic can now package its game for older versions of Windows, going as far back as to reach Windows 7 users, of which there are still many.

Aside from the obvious good news for users on older Windows operating systems, leveraging Perfect World Entertainment’s vast resources will also help Gigantic make improvements to the game that address the high ranking fan feedback and requests the company has received over the past year.

We have a lot planned, which means that we’ll be winding down 24/7 access to the beta as we end this phase of testing and prepare for the next. During the downtime, the Motiga team will be focused on making significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Usability: There’s a ton of stuff we’re working on to improve your interaction with the game: a much needed HUD and UI reboot, a new experience for brand new players, in-game communication advancements, and more.
  • Game Service Features: We’re focusing on improvements to matchmaking, server and client performance, and stability and connection issues, while adding new features such as the ability to queue with specific heroes, and systems which will help discourage match and queue drops.
  • Game Rules, Balance, and Polish: If we were to list all of the things we are working on here, we’d run out of blog space. However, a few of the big initiatives include adjustments to ensure that comebacks are possible, improvements to individual hero balance, and changes which ensure that matches are strategically interesting.
  • All New Content: We’re actively playtesting and iterating on three new maps at the moment (with the focus on one in particular), have a number of new heroes in the works, as well as some exciting hero skins and customization on the way.
  • Infrastructure: As we work towards the next stage of beta, we’ll need to make significant infrastructure improvements. Because of this, there will be some scheduled beta events (after we’ve suspended 24/7 testing) in order to stress test servers and service improvements.

As Gigantic gets closer to its official release, the new partnership should the game reach its lofty goals with a bit more ease. As for Windows users, Microsoft’s seemingly reinvigorated interest in PC gaming is helping to raise all sails for both its platform and its users.

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