giffgaff starts the next phase of its Universal Windows 10 App, beta 1.5 available now

giffgaff, a virtual mobile network (MVNO) of O2 in the United Kingdom, is working on several improvements to its fairly new app for Windows 10 devices. The app launched earlier this year and has received some minor updates since then, however, the company is now working on v1.5, which is now available in beta form.

In an email to registered beta testers, giffgaff offered the changelog for v1.5 of its app, the following improvements and changes are being made available:

  • Improved usage indicator for our £20 Always on goodybag
  • Function to allow you to use your app when you run out of data or top-up credit
  • Temporarily removed email contact option while we work on a snazzy new method
  • Added the ability to remove your saved payment method
  • Increased security relating to topping up and goodybag purchase
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

As feedback is received, further improvements and updates will be made.

For those who use the giffgaff app on Windows 10, the update is available now if you’ve joined the Windows beta ring for giffgaff. Those wanting to join the beta can sign-up here.

The giffgaff for Windows 10 app is universal and available from the Windows Store for both PC and mobile.

My giffgaff
My giffgaff
Developer: giffgaff Ltd
Price: Free
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