Get your hands on $1000 by designing a new-look Xbox One controller

Get your hands on 000 by designing a new-look Xbox One controller

The Xbox One’s controller has received high praise — which is just as well when you take into account how much was supposedly spent on creating it! — but you may like the idea of stamping your own mark on it. If you’re feeling creative, you could earn yourself $1000 for designing a new skin for the controller, so get your artistic tools ready!

Head over to the Xbox One Wireless Controller Design Contest website and you can download a template so you can get to work. Templates are supplied in five different image formats so you can load them up into your favorite editor and set to work.

When your design is complete, you can upload it to be viewed by visitors to the site; there is already a gallery of submissions to take a look at if you need a little inspiration.

Once you have registered for the contest, you can upload up to three designs for consideration before 31 December. Ten finalist will then be picked by a panel of judges and these finalists will then be put to a public vote from 13-27 January.

The grand prize is a cool grand, and this will be award to the design deemed best by the judges. The winner will also receive five Xbox One controller, and there is the possibility that their design will be used in a limited number run of controller. The design that receives the most public votes will also receive $750, while the remaining nine runners up will win $500.

The prizes don’t end there. If you use Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app to design your controller, you could win a $150 gift certificate from along with a Sensu digital Artist Brush & Stylus.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get designing!

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