Get your freak on with the Musterbrand Halo fashion line

It’s a pretty good time to be a Halo fan. In addition to the launch of the latest game in the franchise, Halo 5: Guardians, this month, Microsoft has been pulling out all the stops to promote the series in as many forms as possible such as creating special Halo-themed cars in Forza Motorsport 6, producing limited edition Halo Xbox One consoles and controllers, and even doing a recent collaboration with L.A.-based fashion label Undefeated who distributed their own exclusive Halo-inspired clothes in a special Halo pop-up store in downtown L.A..
A collaboration with another fashion label was announced this morning involving Musterbrand. Unlike Undefeated, which is typically street fashion, Musterbrand has more of a mature line of clothes that exhibit a subtle reference to their geeky inspirations while keeping gamers warm in the colder months.
Musterbrand CEO, Knut Jochen Bergel, explained how they worked with the creative teams behind the Halo franchise. “Working with 343 Industries has been fantastic. Halo is a heavyweight in modern gaming and pop culture, and has inspired millions of loyal fans with its story and gameplay. The unique style and path that 343 Industries has taken delivers a high-quality experience that translates extremely well into Musterbrand philosophy. We are very excited to be working together with 343.”
Likewise, Kiki Wolfkill, Halo Interactive Entertainment at 343 Industries, was also excited to work on this project and admits that they, “love working with creators across mediums and consider clothing design to be a fun and unique avenue for telling story.” And goes on to say that, “Musterbrand has done a masterful job of expressing the visual design of the Halo universe in a genuinely cool and exciting way, they also allowed our story to live outside of our games, and our players to live inside the universe in a way that expresses subtle affiliation in a fashionable and current way. The Musterbrand line of Halo clothing brings our universe to life through real people and a sophisticated design aesthetic; it was a pleasure to partner with them!”
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